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Turbine Beaver

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The Turbine Beaver is the newest airplane to be added to the Talon Air Service Aircraft fleet. The Turbine Beaver is known by some as the “workhorse of the north,” living up to its name as a capable bush plane able to not only accommodate up to 8 passengers and a pilot, but also capable of flying into densely forested regions. This aircraft is especially equipped for the remote Alaskan region with its single-engine turbine-powered propellers, giving it the power and light-weight design necessary for remote regions. From the tiny gravel bars of our fly-in fishing trips, to the wider water landings on our lakes, and even the bear-viewing trips we offer, our Turbine Beaver is a new favorite with a time-tested history. Reliable, rugged, and rigid are just three words that come to mind when describing the design of this spacious aircraft. From its look, to the performance, and your comfort, the Turbine Beaver is here to stay.

Single Engine Turboprop Airplane


The Turbine Beaver single-engine turboprop airplane comfortably seating 8 passengers plus one of Talon Air Service’s professional bush pilots is what makes this aircraft ideal for any group charter. Looking to take your family on a bear-viewing extravaganza, or trying to trick these tenacious rainbows into feasting on your fly? Our Talon Air Service pilots and planes are ready to take you there. The Turbine Beaver, while new to our family, has a long history of being a work-horse in the north. From its time-honored name and tradition of being a reliable aircraft, this bush plane is ready for action. So no matter the adventure you’re looking to embark on, our Turbine Beaver Aircraft and bush pilots are ready to get you and your group there and back safely. Ready to book your flight today? Find out more and book your next Talon Air Service Trip Today!



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