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The Beauty of Lake Clark National Park


There is perhaps no other scenery quite like Lake Clark National Park outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Active volcanoes ooze lava beneath crystalline mountain peaks and their 10,000 foot crests carving into the northern sky. Iridescent mountain lakes, icy and pure, dot the valley floor and buzz with life. Brown bears hunt here, scooping up the chrome torpedo torsos of sockeye salmon and the blood-red brushstrokes of rainbow trout. All can be admired from the daring alpine flights offered by Talon Air Service. It doesn't stop there though, because as soon as the skis of the floatplane slide across the water's surface, it's your turn to explore.

Lake Clark National Park boasts over 2.6 million acres of scenery, virtually untouched by humans. There are no roads leading into the park, so access is only possible by plane. The famed Crescent Lake is nestled deep into the expanse, fit to be the setting of a modern "Walden." In fact, in 1967 eminent American hermit Dick Pronekke began his thirty year stay at a one-man cabin on another lake in the park, Upper Twin Lake. His quaint cabin still stands today, and is often a resting point during fishing and hiking excursions. There's a good reason Mr. Pronekke decided to shack up in the park for his reprieve from the human world: Lake Clark National Park is often listed within the top ten least trafficked nationals parks in the United States. And, depending on the time of year, he was perhaps the only human within tens (or hundreds) of miles experiencing the wonders of the northern lights.

America's "last frontier" is yours to discover with Talon Air Service. If you have ever dreamed of wrestling with a lake trout bigger than your arm or gazing at brown bears swiping at vibrantly red salmon in the state that is home to both the tallest peak in North America and the most volcanoes of any American state, then the time is now to book your adventure. With almost 100,000 square miles of water and the lowest population density in the United States (around 1 person per square mile), a solitary experience with nature is almost a given in Alaska. With Talon Air Service, the terrain of Lake Clark National Park (which is among the most difficult to traverse in America) is conquered with professionalism and safety. Find yourself exhilarated with the flight in, and calmed by the destination.

Many anglers in the continental U.S. share a similar experience: you drive hours to your favorite spot, excitedly tie up your rod, and find half of your local city or town on the water. And even if you go early or late to avoid the crowds, the fish are so educated that a good day's work is one or two fish to net. In Lake Clark National Park, the fish are plentiful, willing, and yours for the taking. Fish-a-cast days are far from uncommon whether you are fishing a spin rod or a fly rod, and the sheer size of fish landed will amaze you. When harvested, these trout or salmon make for a delicious end to a naturalist's perfect day.


If nature-from-a-distance is what you are after, Talon Air Service also offers scenic flightseeing excursions over the scintillating expanse. Experience the wonders of unhindered wilderness from a 360-degree aerial perspective, all while under the care of expert pilots. Moose, brown bears, goats and even caribou (yes those are reindeer!) roam in their natural habitats right under your feet; with Talon Air Service, every seat is a window seat. And for those more daring, there is often an opportunity to ride along for a seaplane water landing (though unlike in "Sully," you'll be in a plane specifically designed for it).

Lake Clark National Park is everything that seldom exists elsewhere: pure, unadultured wilderness. Moose march, bears bask and salmon slither in halcyon harmony. Ecological and geological diversity paradigm the land as active volcanoes spit steam above expansive ice fields. It is here that the true drama of the natural condition is evident; perhaps there is no script in the interactions between nature and nature, and nature and man, or perhaps the script is simply yours to write. Come write your Alaskan story with Talon Air Service.


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