We're glad you're interested in an Alaskan Big Game Hunt. Talon Air prides itself in providing first-class services for the hunter who knows what he wants. We can help in planning a hunt that will be re-lived over and over again every time the story is told. The area we fly includes over 200,000 square miles of Alaska's wilderness.


We focus and specialize in unguided drop off caribou hunts

The barren ground caribou is the largest member of the caribou family. They have a live weight of up to 500 pounds. When boned out you can have up to 175 pounds of meat. The antlers, which can be very large, will make an impressive addition to any trophy hunter's collection. Caribou often travel in herds on these tundra covered hills. Both archery and rifle hunters can have a very successful hunt. The caribou hunt is highly recommended for the first time Alaska big game hunter. You will experience the rugged Alaskan wilderness and have a very good chance of bringing home a great trophy.


One Camp Drop Off Hunt

This fly-in hunt is on the west side of the Alaska Mountains in the Lake Clark & Illiamna Lake Area. The Caribou herds we normally hunt have been growing at a rapid rate, and have been a consistent producer of trophy animals.

$2,500/Per Person (+ any tax & fees)

 2 person minimum. No credit card on game hunts.

Available only to Alaska residents.

Our fall season is from August 25 - September 30. We recommend 5 to 7 days for this hunt


Drop Off Hunt

Because of increased predator impacts on the Alaska moose population many areas have seen a reduction in moose numbers. As a result the areas we must scout for quality animals has increased significantly. For the 2019 hunt season Talon Air Service, Inc. may be able to offer a limited number of unguided drop off moose hunts. Please call us for availability.

$5,000/Per Person (+ any tax & fees)

 2 person minimum. No credit card on game hunts.

September 5 - September 15