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Fish Species Information

At Talon Air Service we provide access to guided trips targeting a myriad of the most beautiful fish to grace the North American continent. For many, the first fish to come to mind when thinking of Alaskan fishing is salmon. Rightfully so, since Alaska is known as the holy grail of salmon fishing; specifically, our sockeye and silver subspecies of these salmon fish species. Still country at rest awakens when one hooks into a silver, resembling a torpedo carving through the water when the fight is on. Sockeye, in their spawning colors, just as soon fit the prehistoric era as the modern digital age. A radiant red set of scales, spiked jaws render these fish monsters in your hands. Depending on the time of year (and a safe distance) you can fish with the brown bears; don't worry about the competition, though, because in Alaska there are ample salmon to go around.

If it's trout you're after, our waters hold many native, majestic and sizable rainbow, lake and dolly varden trout. With nearly every color in the rainbow represented upon the flanks of these salmonid fish, a day of fishing with Talon Air Service will leave you breath taken. Aptly named, rainbow trout are brushed by the most vibrant red and green paint strokes of nature. Native to the waters surrounding Cook's Inlet, rainbows are known to be fiercely-fighting fish and make a fantastic meal. Sharing their habitat are dolly varden trout (char). These fish, closely related to brook trout, sport a fire-orange belly, a dark green hue of a body, and white-tipped fins. Speckled and also around is the lake trout. The biggest fish in the char family, lake trout are known to reach enormous size and fight ferociously. All can be effectively targeted with a guided fly-in fishing trip, arranged through Talon Air Service.


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