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Cessna Caravan 208

Cessna Caravan  (N253TA) .HEIC

The Cessna Caravan 208 is a spacious plane that offers our passengers safe travel to and from their Alaskan adventures. Built in the U.S. its rigid construction and adaptable features have made it a backcountry favorite for the past 40-plus years. This plane seats up to 10 individuals, so whether you’re hoping to fly high over the glaciers, look deep into the eyes of a brown bear, or perhaps finally hook into the trout of a lifetime, our Cessna Caravan 208 is ready to take you and your group there. This plane is one of four aircrafts we own and has the largest capacity, allowing passengers to fly in comfort.

Ever dreamt of flying over the deep ice crevasses in Alaska, or perhaps cruising into the backcountry without a care in the world? Let us take you there. The Caravan usually utilizes fixed tricycle landing gear, but can be outfitted with several different types depending on landing environments, including pontoons which allow the plane to land on water. With several different configurations to fit any terrain, the Cessna Caravan 208 is not only spacious, but adaptable for any adventure. Ready to book your next Alaskan adventure today? Reach out and Get More Information on our incredible selection of aircrafts from our fleet.

Single Engine Turboprop Airplane


The Cessna Caravan 208 is one of four aircrafts in the Talon Air Service Aircraft Fleet proud to be servicing the Alaskan backcountry out of Soldotna, AK. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous way to reach the famous Alaskan Trout, are in search of stalking a large unassuming grizzly, or even looking to fly high above the Alaskan Glaciers, our Caravan Cessna 208 is just one of our many aircrafts ready to take you and your group safely in and out of the rugged Alaskan backcountry. The Caravan Cessna 208 has a long-standing tradition of being a durable and long lasting aircraft. So no matter if this is your first time into Alaskan Bush or you’re a seasoned expert; sit back, relax, and book one of Talon Air Service’s incredible trips today!



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