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Radial Beaver

Radial Beaver (N47ODB) (1).HEIC

The most commonly used engine for the Radial Beaver is a P&W R-985 Wasp Junior radial, which pushes up to 450 horsepower. This plane is equipped for speed, and Talon Air Service is excited to be able to offer passengers such a spritiful and well-known favorite. From its traditional look to its comfortable feel, the Radial Beaver is a well-known and loved aircraft for traversing the Alaskan and Canadian bush. The Radial Beaver is equipped with room enough to carry your gear and a few close buddies, without wasting space on unnecessary amenities.

So if you’re ready to experience the wonders that the Alaskan wilderness has to offer, look no further than Talon Air Service’s Radial Beaver to take you there. Able to accommodate 6 passengers and a pilot, this plane is able-bodied and ready to take you and your party further than you can imagine.

Radial Engine Airplane


The Radial Beaver Aircraft is one of Talon Air Service’s four bush-planes taking passengers safely into and out of the Alaskan Bush. From our guided fly-in fishing trips, to the bear viewing experience of a lifetime, our Radial Beaver Airplane is ready to take your group to the most remote locations of Alaska. The Radial Beaver is a hard-working radial engine prop plane whose design is elegant and timeless, perfect for sneaking onto short gravel bars amidst the running sockeye salmon. So whether you’re new to the Alaskan Bush or you’re a seasoned expert flying in and out of the most remote terrains, sit back, relax, and trust our professional pilots at Talon Air Service to get you there and back safely!



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