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Chinitna Bay Bearviewing

This trip is great for the early season visitor as well as those with limited time. 

You will depart from the Soldotna Airport in one of our Cessna 207s. The flight will take you across the Cook Inlet to Chinitna Bay where you will land on a beach. From the beach you will have amazing opportunities to see and take pictures of bears meandering, sleeping, or even digging for clams. Be sure to bring your best camera gear as bears can be at all distances.

Along the flight (weather permitting) you can expect the chance to see seals, moose, bears, and many other types of Alaskan wildlife, as well as several glaciers and volcanoes. So have your cameras ready!


Total time for this excursion is about 3 hours (Includes flight time).

Chinitna Bay BearViewing


Trip is about 3 hours

$495.00/person + taxes/fees

May 15th through June 15th